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Heated Swimming Pools
Heated Swimming Pools
Heated Swimming Pools
The moderate climate of the Mediterranean, the bright, warming sun, which shows up too often in winter, and the heated pools of Barut Hotels offer the opportunity for a joyful winter vacation. The swim-up rooms will enable you to access the pool from your room, and you will enjoy the Mediterranean to the fullest with the warm and relaxing water even in the winter through the privileges offered by Barut Hotels. With ease of access via short flights, Antalya will become your vacation destination also in winter. Hot drinks, colorful cocktails, SPA rituals, Turkish Bath… This winter, your soul and body will warm up in our unique world.


  • Lara Barut Collection (throughout winter)

  • Acanthus Cennet Barut Collection (throughout winter)

  • Barut Hemera (throughout winter)

  • Arum Barut Colletion (from November 1 to 27)

Lara Barut Collection (open 12 months a year, Kundu – Antalya)

The great transformation in 2022 has brought various novelties to our hotel. These also include the Lagoon Area and stylish swim-up rooms.

Being open for 12 months a year with its large lush gardens, modern restaurants & bars and fun-filled activities, the hotel, this winter, will offer the heated pool service in the pools accessed from the swim-up rooms and in the Lagoon Area, and the chill of winter will not be felt in Lara Barut Collection. Lara Barut Collection, which is located in the Hotels Region of Kundu, the closest point to the airport, will become your vacation destination for four seasons.

Acanthus Cennet Barut Collection (open 12 months a year, Side – Antalya)

Giving a feeling of a boutique hotel with its modern design, elegant vibe and top-quality service concept, Acanthus Cennet Barut Collection will offer heated pool service in its favorite swim-up rooms throughout the winter. Enjoy the fascinating ambiance of Side with the privileges offered by Barut Hotels. 

Barut Hemera (open 12 months a year, Kundu – Antalya)

Modern, colorful and green! Barut Hemera continues to be the spot of an unforgettable vacation for joyful moments and gourmet delicacies all year long. Enjoy the heated pool in the swim-up rooms during the winter, and be one of those to experience the blissfulness of staying in the moment.


Arum Barut Collection (Side - Antalya)

The renovations continue at Arum Barut Collection. Arum Barut Collection will continue to invest in renovations this winter, and serve with its new rooms in 2023. Having been renovated with extensive investments since 2018, the hotel will complete its transformation this winter. So, would you like to enjoy a vacation in spring-like weather in the heated pool and with rich gastronomy services before this great transformation? We invite you to Arum Barut Collection.

*The heated pools serve depending on the weather conditions. The hotel management reserves the right not to offer this service in case of adverse weather conditions. 

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