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Barut Club Card Clarification Text

As Barut Yonetim Hizmetleri A.S. (Barut Hotels), we show great sensitivity and attach importance for protection of your personal data. Clarification Text on Registration for Barut Club has been drawn up for the purpose of transparently processing the personal data for our guests during the transactions, carried out under the Barut Club program, in accordance with Section 10 of the Law Nr. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data.
Acting as the "Data Controller" as defined in the LPPD, Barut Hotels processes your personal data meticulously and carefully for the purposes and by means of the methods as described herein below and in line with the limits as set out in the applicable regulations and by complying with the disposal requirements and periods.
1.    Personal Data Processed By Us
•    ID Details (Name, surname, date of birth, Republic of Türkiye ID Number, Passport number)
•    Contact Details (e‐mail address)
2.    Purpose of Processing the Personal Data
Your personal data collected may be processed for the purposes of enabling our business units to carry out the necessary works and the relevant business processes in order to ensure that you will benefit from the products and services provided by Barut Hotels and for the following purposes and within the personal data processing requirements as specified under Sections 5 and 6 of the Law:
•    Confirming your identity;
•    Earning points from your accommodations;
•    Being able to produce a card with a password for our guests who apply for a card;
•    Allowing points to be used and to accommodate at our group hotels;
•    Guest/customer relationship management;
•    Enabling the members to benefit from the program advantages based on their membership status through the points earned through the Barut Club program;
•    Rewarding the loyal member behavior and monitoring the member behaviors in order to shape the program based on the member expectations, as a general feature of the Barut Club program;
•    Providing any information, arising under the regulations, to the competent authorities;
•    Fulfilling the legal and regulatory requirements;
•    Performing the audit and ethical activities;
•    Carrying out the activities in accordance with the regulations.
Your Personal Data obtained and processed for the purposes, as specified above, in accordance with the relevant regulations are transferred to the information systems, owned by Barut Hotels, and they may be kept digitally.
3.    Method for Collection of Personal Data, and Legal Ground Thereto
Our hotel collects your personal data through the website registration form that you have visited. In accordance with the Law, your personal data may only be processed in the event that at least one of the conditions as specified under Sections 5 and 6 of the Law is met. Accordingly, your personal data is processed based on the following legal processing reasons:
Fulfilling the contractual obligations insofar as they are directly related to establishment or execution of an agreement under Section 5 (2) (c) of the Law;
Fulfilling the legal obligation under Section 5 (2) (d) of the Law;
Carrying out the operational processes under Section 5 (2) (f) of the Law and being required to do based on our legitimate interests, provided that it shall not damage your fundamental rights and freedoms.

4.    Transfer of Personal Data
In accordance with the provisions prescribed under the Law Nr. 6699 on Protection of Personal Data and the other regulations, your personal data may be disclosed to the following third parties:
•    Our Group Companies (Please find further information about our group companies at
•    Our Business Partners,
•    Your legal representatives authorized by you;
•    The service providers and consultancy offices/companies (personal data collectors through the devices, the database and server service providers, the site application usage monitoring service providers, the e-mail server service providers, the electronic message tool service providers);
•    Attorneys-at-law, with whom we work; and third parties, including the tax consultants and auditors, from whom we receive consultancy;
•    Regulatory and supervisory authorities and official authorities;
•    Judicial authorities, Turkish National Police and other law enforcement officers.
5.    Scope of, and Amendment to, the Policy for Protecting and Processing of Personal Data
This Clarification Text has been drawn up by Barut Hotels in accordance with the Law Nr. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data. CLARIFICATION TEXT ON REGISTRATION FOR BARUT CLUB shall be entitled to be amended the in accordance with the Law and the resolutions adopted by the board of directors, provided that the personal data shall be better protected.
6.    Informing About Commercial Electronic Messages
Pursuant to the Law Nr. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and the Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages, your personal data may be processed upon your consent in order to provide information about our services, and to promote our goods and services, and to keep you informed about our campaigns. In accordance with the relevant regulations, your commercial electronic message permissions must be recorded in the Message Management System (IYS), and accordingly, the data for contact address (e-mail address and/or telephone number), permission date, communication channel, recipient type and permission source will be shared with the IYS. In order to obtain further information about IYS, please visit
7.    What are your rights?
In respect of your personal data processed by BARUT HOTELS, you may always apply to us with respect to your rights, as provided under Section 11 of the Law. Pursuant to this article, you are entitled to:
"Inquire whether their personal data has been processed, or not"; and
•    "Ask for information about their personal data, if it has been processed"; and
•    "Find out the purpose of processing of the personal data and whether any such data has been used for the intended purpose, or not"; and
•    "Be informed about the 3rd parties to which any such data has been transmitted either domestically or internationally"; and
•    "Ask for correction thereof in case any personal data has been processed incompletely or inaccurately"; and
•    “Ask for deletion or disposal of the personal data in the event that the reasons requiring the personal data to be processed have disappeared, or that the company does not have any legal basis or legitimate interest in order to process such data”; and
•    “Raise an objection against any adverse results that might arise from processing of the personal data through the automatic systems”; and
•    "Claim for compensation of any and all damage and/or loss that might have been incurred in case any such personal data has been processed in breach of the law".
Application Method
You can submit your requests under the law by completing the "Application Form as per the Law on Protection of Personal Data" available on the web address " ";
•    Personally to the address "Mehmetcik Mah. 1242 Sok. Idea Is Merkezi Sitesi No: 1/201 Daire: 6 Kat: 2, PK: 07100 Muratpasa/ANTALYA;
•    Through the agency of a notary public;
•    To [email protected] through your e-mail address registered or your e-mail address registered in our system by means of a secure electronic or mobile signature.
Your applications shall be concluded as soon as possible and in any case within a maximum period of thirty days, depending on the nature of your inquiry; however, if such inquiry requires an extra cost, then a fee may be collected from you as based on the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.
(We would like to remind you that the relevant request is required to be in compliance with the conditions set out under the Communique Regarding the Procedures and Principles for Submitting an Application to the Data Controller.)

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