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Sea Daffodils Are Under Protection Of Barut!

11 МАРТА 2024 Г.
Sea Daffodils Are Under Protection Of Barut!

TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Sorgun, one of the key links of Barut Hotels chain, which turns a vacation into a unique and unforgettable experience, not only offers its guests privileged services but also protects the green structure in which it is located.

As an establishment adopting preservation of and beautifying all kinds of existing and living dynamics that are inseparable parts of life as a mission, Barut Hotels has also taken the Sea Daffodils under its wings under the roof of TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Sorgun.

The Sea Daffodils, which are found along the walkways and surrounding TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Sorgun that is located on a green area of 50 thousand square meters, are in danger of extinction due to the fact that dunes, which are their natural habitats, were turned into beaches.

This member of the narcissus family, resembling rare sea pearls, feels safe on the beach area of 2 thousand square meters, which has been taken under protection and is completely filled with sea daffodils.

The number of Sea Daffodils, which was around 7 thousand in recent years, has reached a number of over 10 thousand through the "nature-friendly" approach and "do not destroy but conserve" approach of Barut Hotels. Happily, this elegant and delicate flower of the Mediterranean geography continues to beautify nature and make it smile by reproducing around 3 thousand each year with such care and conservation.

Barut Hotels offers its guests a comfortable nature view with sweet flower fragrance, unspoiled texture, and unfaded greenery.

Sea Daffodils will continue to reproduce and fascinate with their beauty under the protection of "Barut"!

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